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All of us are linked, yet we can’t comprehend each other in different languages. This is no more obvious than playing English computer games with a foreign language spoken by an international audience. It is pretty simple to distribute your video games in other markets, but how international players can participate across languages is a problem.

Video Games Properly Translated!

Desource offers language-precise and player-centered language translations that enable play businesses to provide the greatest video game localization  services to foreign players, one game at a time. Buy game translation service by Desource for Modern localization of video games.

Game Localization Services

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Why should you hire a game translation services?

Gaming translation services offer gamers the option to play games in different languages to increase the number of people who can enjoy their favorite titles. As players progress through a game, they are given the option to switch their language from English to one that is culturally appropriate. Typically, translating a game from one language into another increases its appeal as it becomes more accessible and interesting across multiple cultures. Some gaming translations include Japanese games translated into English, Korean games translated into English, and Russian games translated into Spanish

That’s why you need Desource!

  • We have the language resources and leading technology in-game localization to provide the most acceptable video game translations on request.
  • Our Online Gaming Translators are not just expert language players.
  • Many of them are players themselves and give the most flawless language translation to your worldwide audience.

Game Localization: What Is It?

A video game’s localization is the process of bringing it into a new country. Game localization typically includes the cultural meaning, text and grammar changes, audio changes such as voices or music, and visual changes. The goal of game localization is for an international audience to be able to enjoy the same experience by acting in accordance with their culture

We Use Modern Translation Management

  • It mainly relies on next-generation translation technology, which makes text strings readily available in real-time to translators.
  • This is where Desource stands apart.
  • Our unique translation technologies instantly map each video game screen with text strings so that our translators can translate both on desktop computers and mobile devices safely.
  • We employ gamer-centered language and phrases that must be appropriately translated to provide the most realistic experience.
  • We offer dynamic gaming terminology handling that enables our translators to provide the most accurate translations efficiently.

As the first localization business in the world to offer mobile gaming translations and language review, Desource can engage the gamer community more effectively than any other translation company to give language input. Desource enables the world’s top multinational game creators to succeed.

Does Your Mobile Game Need Translation? No problem!

Modern smartphones have altered the demography of worldwide gaming. While game consoles like PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo are very popular with the most incredible gaming experience, the mobile platform grows exponentially.

  • Games in Apple App Store or Google Play are downloaded more and more as other mobile applications daily.
  • This is why the requests for mobile game translation have risen since Apple launched the iPhone.
  • Desource offers quality and speeds professional mobile game translation services, partly because of our expertise in creating our own powerful human translation applications for iOS and Android devices.
  • Our innovative methods for translating video games into context significantly enhance the accuracy and speed of game localization.
  • Language translation may make or break foreign players’ mobile gaming success.
  • Mistranslated mobile games provide an experience with foreign smartphone users that is less than ideal, resulting in lower downloads and less international revenues.

The good news is that your mobile games don’t have to be a complex business professionally. In Desource, we have simplified the localization of mobile games on a contemporary web platform so that the quality and speed of your video games may be translated without difficulty. Talk now to our sales experts and discover how Desource may help you quickly reach worldwide success.

How does it work?

  1. Send us images, text strings, and glossary
  2. Quotation for the game localization
  3. Translation procedure
  4. Subtitle matching
  5. Testing of localized games
  6. Product delivery

With Desource’s contemporary software localization method, locating your video games is simple. Please send us the text data in XML, Excel, or your bespoke resource file format with an existing terminology glossary to get started (character names and items, etc.). The game-changing translation technology also enables the automated mapping of text strings with the highest language quality displays. The following is a schematic of the high-quality video game translation by Desource.

We translate all genres of video games

Desource has expertise in some video game genres. Some of the genres we often translate are as follows.

  • Action
  • Adventure
  • Shooter games with the first-person view
  • Shooter games with the third-person view
  • Massive online games multiplayer
  • Strategy games in real-time
  • Video games with role play
  • Games for simulation
  • Sports
  • Arcade
  • Games with virtual reality

Desource also has extensive expertise in translating video games for consoles such as Nintendo, PlayStation, and Xbox, mobile platforms such as iOS and Android Phares, and locating various video game genres.

Game Translation With Context

Video game businesses have long struggled to produce consistent, quality language translations utilizing outdated translation methods, which only provide translators working on game localization with minimal context information.

  • Text strings are often given to a translator without context or reference information, resulting in mistranslations and linguistic outcomes that take time to correct.
  • Poorly translated video games directly affect the worldwide experience of customers. That’s why you need Desource.
  • Our innovative translation solutions for in-context video games address the age-old problem.
  • We only use expert translators to see the current screen in real-time to guarantee the most acceptable linguistic result.

Video Game Consoles translation

Do you create and translate your video games in Chinese, Spanish, Korean, and other languages for consoles like Microsoft Xbox, Nintendo Shuttle, or Sony PlayStation? Then Welcome to Desource.

  • For all games console brands, we offer high-quality, end-to-end translation services without sacrificing speed and efficiency.
  • Just give us your game titles and select the target languages.
  • We will provide you with a 24-hour translation quotation.
  • Desource also offers localization and Quality tests of translated gaming products, in addition to translation and subtitling. Our team enables our customers to translate games and their video game websites into foreign consumers to promote their games.

Localization of Cloud-Based Game

Do you develop Apple Arcade & Google Stadia game titles and require high-quality game translation and localizing service to include worldwide audiences? We can do that as well!

  • As a cloud translation solution for mobile and desktop devices, Desource is perfect for translating games for next-generation, 4K streaming platforms over the internet.
  • Cloud gaming systems like Apple Arcade or Google Stadia are unique.
  • It reaches large worldwide consumers with low expenses, is expected to expand rapidly.
  • We help gaming businesses to localize and translate cloud content and video games with high quality and speed.

FAQs: Game Localization Services

What is Game Localization Services?

Game translation is the process of converting assets in a game development project to a version for users in international markets. Text files can be included in the project, as can translations of these components.

What do game translators do?

Game translators convert a game’s story, characters, dialogue, and everything in the game world from one language to another. They also translate the marketing content that comes with them, such as websites, marketplace descriptions and even the packaging text.

How do you localize a game?

Make a plan for your project. Select a company to work with. A Localization Kit can be created. You could export and import your strings. Go ahead and translate your content. Then start the localization of non-text-based elements. After that, Quality Assurance Checks are performed.


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