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Desource Translation completely revolutionizes software localization, allowing businesses to deploy software in different countries rapidly. We have a program that is tailored to provide more agile development on every platform. Get Software Translation Service by Desource Translation because it’s the accurate translation solution!

Software Translation Services

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We Translate Many Kinds of Software

The following can be localized in 60+ languages by Desource Translation:

  • Desktop Applications
  • Firmware
  • Applications for managing customer relationships
  • ERP systems
  • administration and invoicing software
  • software for databases and storage
  • Asset management and inventory software
  • Websites
  • apps for smartphones

The process of Translating and localizing software

Desource Translation focuses on project management skills and human knowledge and uses the newest technology tools in its translation process, making it more efficient and automated.

  • You can be confident that the final result will be comprehensive, consistent, and thoroughly tested.
  • It will be all completed by a dependable team of experienced professionals.

The following are the essential stages for creating a globally translated software product, including the software localization process.

(1) Glossary development
Creating a glossary is an essential component of the localization process. This cornerstone resource is assembled by detecting and cataloging duplicate and paraphrase strings, making a standard reference that may be reused and saved on translation projects and procedures in the future.

(2) Translation and Modification
The definitions in the glossary have to be translated, which is often done using a mix of automated and human resources. Editing and proofreading are typically done individually to verify that each text string is linguistically proper, accurate, technically precise, and culturally acceptable.

(3) User Interface Adaptation
Translating the textual data to the user interface is a challenging and time-consuming task. The UI adaptation is a must-have experience in software. It’s a multi-step procedure that yields the best results when used repeatedly.

(4) Quality Assurance
Though specific standard procedures and expert resources have been covered so far, this does not mean quality assurance procedures and testing are no longer necessary. All variables and permutations of the program are carefully tested, with particular attention paid to the local edition’s language additions.

(5) Delivery of the project
Multilingual releases always include extra “soft” alpha and beta testing cycles before the actual product launch. The project is completed on time and budget, but after delivery, Desource Translation is there to solve any problems or make any adjustments.

Translation software for all devices and platforms

While challenging, software localization for mobile and desktop devices is crucial to translation projects. Our network of topic specialists, translators, and engineers will assist you with any preparatory and post-traditional programming process in:

  • HTML,
  • JavaScript,
  • DHTML,
  • PHP,
  • ASP,
  • C,
  • C++,
  • C-Sharp,
  • JSON,
  • Java,
  • and other programming languages.

Localizing digital material and software is an essential element of our translation identity, heavily influenced by technology.

In-Context Software localization strategy

Localization of software converts GUI strings (graphic user interface strings) into other languages. While document translation deals with text translated as a block, software GUI strings are often kept in files with the missing context of ID numbers.

  • Because translators can’t see the whole context of the string inside the program, they’re less likely to catch any problems with the correctness of the translation or truncation of the text (due to language expansions like German and Dutch.)
  • To overcome this centuries-old issue, Desource Translation uses its cutting-edge software translation technology solutions.
  • For every software program localization with quality and efficiency, the Desource Translation company is the answer. To translate GUI strings, submit resource files and program screenshots to our online translation site.
  • Throughout the translation, our linguists will see context information, including the GUI strings mapped to real-time screenshots

This may result in a massive boost in quality and accuracy while decreasing the turnaround time required for software translation.

Agile development goes hand-in-hand with on-demand translation

The software industry has become more agile, with application development shifting to an iterative and incremental approach. Translation projects will always be in progress and unending, because of these regular changes. With Desource Translation’s JIT translation approach, developers are able to more easily concentrate on their product while still achieving time-to-market advantage.

Continuous DevOps Translation

Many software organizations have embraced DevOps in order to provide the best software quality and reduce application development life cycle. Continuous delivery is a significant part of DevOps in order to speed time-to-market. Software products are often released globally, thus ongoing translation services are supplied by utilizing an automated process that is on-demand. An undeniable pioneer in seamless translation services, Desource Translation… Desource Translation allows for cloud-based and always-on translation to provide the top software businesses with the advantages they need to remain competitive in global marketplaces.

Localization of the user interface

Localizing the user interface is the most significant factor in globalizing your program. The process of localizing your user interface includes:

  • Translating your text strings.
  • Modifying the layout of your user interface.
  • Tailoring it to the language and cultural environment.

The Desource Translation software allows you to localize your software user interface by only hitting a button. We’ll connect you up with local translators that know how to translate your program for your country. In our commitment to cost-effective translation, Desource Translation’s in-built terminology management system gives us the ability to control consistency while reducing expenditure. You may also search for and choose out translators based on their skill in certain topic areas and their history of translating things like your program, so that every translated version of your application works as well as the original.

Full-Scale Testing

In order to evaluate the mobile-centric software’s localization, Desource Translation’s mobile translation platform is suitable. Testing localized applications for quality guarantees that the localized application’s quality is on par with the original product. To make sure that the translated program runs smoothly and the content has been applied properly, verify it on a number of user platforms.

Desource Translation employs translators and engineers that like challenging their language and cosmetics skills. The linguistic testing of software translation double-checks each line to ensure the correctness of the translated code. Desource Translation utilizes subject matter experts to do language testing and verification with in-country translators. Another way to make sure translated software doesn’t have problems with truncation, misalignment, and other layout difficulties is to do cosmetic testing. The localized software that we work on is often riddled with common errors, and our localizers have put up a system for discovering and fixing these problems.

Enterprise Knowledge

The Desource Translation network includes hundreds of subject matter specialists and is expanding on a regular basis. Multilingual subject matter experts who had previously been excluded from the translation process may now benefit from Desource Translation’s mobile translation methodology. That opens up translation opportunities for multilingual software engineers, programmers, and designers. This translates into a full comprehension of your translation requirements, and the ability to execute on software localization in any form. As a full-service provider, Desource Translation can handle every aspect of the localization process, including both pre- and post-translation processing. CSOFT, a parent business of Desource Translation, has more than a decade of software translation expertise. Some of the world’s biggest software and computer hardware corporations, as well as the i.t, telecommunications, and data storage industries, have all used our firm.

FAQs: Software Translation Services For Localization

What does software translation means?

Software translation means the process of converting text from a source language into a target language. It is also known as software globalization.

What are the risks of using automated translation?

There are many reasons that you should not use computerized translation, such as Quality Assurance, Content Orientation, Word and Phrase Consistency Issues, Lack of a Professional Translator, Translator Experience, etc.

What is translation memory software?

Translation memory software is a database of sentences, or segments of texts and their translations that can be automatically reused when translating related or identical content in your translation projects.


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