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We are a worldwide SEO agency that may assist you in being scientific in all regions where you operate. Get SEO Translation Service because We are a worldwide SEO company that may assist you in being scientific in all regions where you operate. Our SEO services in many languages include:

  • Multilingual keywords analysis
  • Optimization of metadata
  • Optimized web content translation

International SEO is a robust approach for any internationally active business to ensure that your website is top of search engine rankings.

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Our SEO Services in Over 60+ Languages

Choose Desource Translation whether you plan an international SEO strategy for your whole site or just a few key pages. We provide multilingual expert services that deliver excellent outcomes.

At Desource Translation;

  • We exclusively deal with mother-tongue translators and qualified linguists
  • We use a holistic approach to our global SEO service to make a worldwide audience more traffic your website.
  • We have produced excellent results from our SEO projects and have expertise in many other languages in international SEO.
  • Traditional and simplified Chinese, French, Russian, German, Arabic, Spanish, Japanese, and conventional Chinese tend to be the most popular.

It would be best if you had more than linguistic abilities to do International Search Engine Optimization correctly. You require local knowledge and experience in the workings of search on every target market. Correct research into keywords is one of the first and most essential stages in your target markets and may need more than the typical professional translation service.

What Is SEO For The International Market?

In short, international SEO is a technique to make your website the world’s top search engine ranks.6+

  • Your website should use a variety of search engine optimization (SEO) techniques in your own local language.
  • The results should be visible on websites like Google, Bing, and Yahoo! in your ranks.

However, it is essential to consider the location of your SEO if you operate in other nations where a language is differently spoken. This helps to guarantee that your current and prospective consumers can discover your site in their native language and on regional search engines.

Why Do You Need International SEO?

  • International SEO may be an excellent way to broaden your current customer base to make a new audience aware of your brand, goods, and services.
  • For diverse cultural, economic, geographic, or other reasons, individuals may seek different items for different purposes in other nations.
  • It is essential to ensure that your foreign SEO strategy is conducted in a manner that produces more than a simple translation.
  • International high-quality SEOs will investigate such factors as the prominent search engines in a specific country and their formulas to rank websites.
  • SEOs should also incorporate keyword research to understand the specific words and sentences utilized in a region. This involves knowledge of the alternative language, including slang, metaphors, English mixes, and dialectical distinctions.

How does it work?

During the SEO translation process, we mainly do three things:

  • International SEO Keyword Research
  • Translation of PPC Ads
  • Optimize translated web content

#1 International SEO Keyword Research

This service is a study to discover the most highly searched and profitable terms a website should include for search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. Our strategy here is NOT only focused on the translation or reproduction of many conditions for the US market or need for the US market… For this reason, we can represent the entire range of opportunities, without cultural prejudice or assumption, for any nation. We will also utilize various methods, such as competition analysis, as well as our local resources and terminology expertise to discover all potential words. Some of the following conditions are common evaluation factors by keyword:

  • Local volumes of search.
  • Keyword relevance
  • Each keyword local competition

And you will get these for each keyword:

  1. Conditions of localized search
  2. Volumes of the search
  3. The equivalent translation into English

This study will utilize the current English keyword list by translating foreign language options, establishing a keyword list on an existing website, and developing a keyword list to use an English site as a reference. We will research the market or service the client offers to verify that keywords match the content.

#2 Translation of PPC Ads

In comparison to conventional translation services, the translation of PPC advertisements requires a unique approach. We guarantee that the translated advertisements respect the tight limitations of character. This demands the translator’s ingenuity to conform to the character’s limitations. If keyword analysis has been performed simultaneously with PPC advertising, they will also be considered when translating the ads. The cost is per ad text. This requires optimizing website metadata, which includes keywords discovered in the study, including the page’s title, a description of 150 characters, and a list of keywords targeted at the page.

#3 Optimize translated web content

Once the keywords have been produced, any web pages located in Italian may be optimized to contain as many relevant Italian phrases as feasible. This would include the translation process of any online material to be translated later. Keep up with the newest translation services and our recent success stories to learn about the latest advancements in multilingual SEO. Our worldwide expert language experts include local seo specialists with extensive knowledge of local SEOs.

Still Unsure?

To provide you an idea of how we operate, we offer live demos of our translation services. We can offer you genuine value by searching the local job you want to perform on the market, conducting unique keyword research to ensure you target the most relevant sentences, and provide rich SEO content for your websites. Our experts are well-known for translating sponsored search listings and fulfilling character length restrictions that may vary by language and marketing tactics by phrasing these advertisements. Talk to us about how we can assist you with global search engine marketing.

FAQs: SEO Translation

What is SEO translation?

Search Engine Optimization is a method to get your website to the top of search engine rankings. Therefore, SEO translation isn’t your typical translation; it’s translating the content on your site in a way that it still performs well in a search even after it’s been converted into the target language.

What is SEO Localization Services?

SEO translates websites and keywords into another language, but when you’re looking to localize your content there are many things that need attention. In order for an SEO strategy to be effective it needs both globalization (translating all pages) as well localization( translating each page’s information). The SEO localization of your website content is the method by which you need to make sure that all possible cultural references and social attitudes are taken into account for this new location.

What is SEO translation?

Multilingual SEO is the act of enhancing the content on your website for different languages. The benefits of multilingual SEO are two-fold: becoming easily findable through organic searches by people all over our beautiful planet; as well creating opportunities where before there may have been none at all.


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