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Desource offers high-quality translation services for marketing Brochure Translation services in many languages, including Spanish, Chinese, French, and Romanian.

One correctly translated brochure at a time, we assist the world’s top businesses in attracting foreign consumers from Asia, Europe, and Latin America.

Brochure Translation Services

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Brochure Translation Experts at Your Service

The last thing you want is to engage with an ordinary translation firm to localize your marketing material into Spanish, Japanese, and Italian with poor quality and prolonged turnaround time.

  • You’ve invested time and money in producing the perfect English brochure. For this reason, Desource is a must.
  • With native translators and cultural specialists specializing in translating marketing brochures to best display your goods and services in all languages, we’re a top marketing translation business in the industry.
  • Content translation, terminology management, visual design, and desktop publishing are all included in Desource’s end-to-end brochure translation solutions.
  • In addition, we provide cultural counseling services to help localized brochures avoid stumbling blocks in international markets owing to incorrect language use or color selections.

Brochure Translation Made Easy

Drag & drop PDFs, InDesign IDMLs, and PowerPoint files to our online dashboard for a real-time brochure translation quotation in seconds to streamline the process for customers.

  • Thanks to our cutting-edge translation management system, the whole brochure translation process is highly simplified and fast, enabling translation memory, terminology, and in-context linguistic assessment.
  • With professionally translated multilingual brochures produced on time and under budget, Desource assists many businesses, both big and small, in the United States, Europe, and Asia.

Our company has:

  • better;
  • more straightforward;
  • quicker;
  • And more efficient Translations services for brochures.

Desource Translation management is on the Top

Traditional translation workflows for marketing brochures include too many opaque procedures, making it difficult for the customer to affect the intended result or interact directly with the linguists working on their projects.

Because of this, low-quality translations are produced, which need several rounds of review, proofreading, and revisions before they are finally fixed, causing expensive delays in product release.

  • By handling the whole translation process on the modern infrastructure, Desource has transformed brochure translation services.
  • To guarantee knowledge retention and language consistency, we provide a specialized team of marketing translation experts to each business client.
  • To ensure that translated brochures reach their targeted audiences with the correct messages and linguistic tones, we make it simple for the client’s marketing managers to communicate directly with the translators in real-time.
  • Additionally, Desource offers transcreation services for our customers’ worldwide brand campaigns in addition to conventional marketing translations.

What Document Format Do You Accept?

Brochure translation estimates and production are often requested in PDF format from customers. This is because:

  • PDF files are simple to maintain and distribute.
  • No access to source PSD document

However, despite using MS Word or InDesign as the source, Desource can still translate PDF brochures. After that, the material is translated, and desktop publishing is performed.

  • While this method mainly preserves the layout of the original brochure, working directly inside the native source documents such as Adobe InDesign or Adobe Illustrator is more time-efficient.
  • We created our online translation management site to intelligently filter uploaded files and only work on the content files for localization to simplify customers to submit us source documents (such as zip package) for brochure translation services.

Translation Services for Marketing Professionals

Some of the world’s finest businesses in a wide range of industrial sectors choose to Desource for best-in-class marketing translation services.

  • As a result of our extensive linguistic resources and knowledge of localization best practices and current language technology, we can produce multilingual marketing materials in over 60 languages.
  • Using linguistically correct and culturally relevant marketing translations, Desource helps our customers connect with foreign consumers and deliver the finest global multilingual brand messaging.

What is the procedure for submitting a brochure to be translated?

  • The majority of clients send the translation agencies PDF files of their brochures.
  • We take the PDF and turn it into a Word document, then translate that document.
  • InDesign and Illustrator are examples of native file formats that you may upload.
  • Afterwards, we’ll be able to provide you with a translation in the native format of your brochure.
  • As a result, the brochure’s page arrangement will be preserved. A publication-ready PDF file will be sent if you supply us with the consolidated assets, including high-resolution images and fonts.
  • If you’d instead handle the proofreading work with us, you may send the text to us for translation instead of doing it yourself.

Obtaining an Instant Translation Price Quote

  • To get a free, no-obligation quotation for brochure translation services, please click here (your link).
  • Select the languages and submit your brochure in the Quote box.
  • It just takes a few seconds for the quotation to appear on the screen.
  • Please complete the purchase online using the PDF file and then send us the native file by email and include your order number if you want to submit your brochure in its native file format.
  • The native file will be translated immediately, and a final PDF file will be sent together with the native file.
  • For packages that are too big to transmit through email, please get in touch with us, and we’ll give you an FTP upload link.

Is translating a brochure expensive?

Translating brochures may be as cheap as $25 per page. Each page costs a different amount, based on the quantity of content and the translation languages used on that page. Please find out how much it will cost to translate your brochure by requesting a free quotation from DESOURCE now.

Trifold Brochures Translation

Desource has translated more than 60 languages into hundreds of trifold brochures.

  • This is a fairly standard format in the healthcare sector, where trifold brochures are used.
  • Getting a trifold brochure translated will cost you approximately US$150 per language and take about 24 hours.

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FAQs: Brochure Translation services

What is a brochure format?

A brochure is a printed informational and advertising publication, which typically features ‘brochure’ or ‘pamphlet’ content formats. Brochures almost always contain textual information and illustrations with the intention of persuading an audience.

How much does it cost to translate a brochure?

The cost of brochure translation depends on what language you’re translating into. For example, a brochure translated from English to Spanish will require much more effort and time than a brochure translated from Chinese to Korean. Price for translation of brochures start at $25 per page.

How Brochure Translation services helps?

Industries such as food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, textiles are taking advantage of Brochure Translation. Especially when entering into new markets or expanding their operations overseas.


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