How to Translate Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Content?

How to Translate Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Content

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If you are planning to be a translator for cryptocurrency and blockchain content, you have already come across terms like Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Kolion. These are all cryptocurrencies and over 900 types of likewise cryptocurrencies are available all over the world. With this speed, the demand for investing in this new tech wonder is also growing fast around the world. Hence, translation is highly required for this type of fairly new industry to ascertain a wide reach the international clients as having no geographical limits. Besides, localizing crypto and blockchain technology is also very much in demand indicating its’ worldwide acceptance yet still poor reach due to its advanced and complex information system.


The goal of translating crypto content and blockchain content is to simplify the content in another language to help people understand it better. From one viewpoint, this is as simple as that. On another note, translation promotes communication, connection, and inclusion in the crypto universe to sustain and expand its existence. In this world, building a successful globally reached business goes hand in hand with having a team of linguistic experts on board who will ensure the content is truly understood and well-communicative to its local and international clients.


How to Translate Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Content


At present, translation services of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology have become popular as this content is hard to understand without proficiency in the English language and many investors do not speak English. Here is the recipe to cook up a good translation considering a wide variety of wordings/vocabulary is involved in the cryptocurrency and blockchain world. Let’s see what ingredients are a must-have in this cook up:


  • First of all, resonate in a native language for your international clients. Choose a language to enable the crypto content reaching the maximum audiences. For example, most of the non-English investors are from China, Japan, Russia, and Korea. Translation can begin with any of these languages and later you can expand as demand crosses the boundary.
  • Make sure the terms which only make sense in this crypto-universe are translated into real words. For example, ATH: Is an acronym for All-Time-High referring to the highest point a coin has achieved.
  • Localize the terms for the non-English speakers who have limited knowledge of the English language. For example, the term “Cryptocurrency” it is spoken as “criptomoneda” in Spanish or “criptodivisa”. This depends on which audience is targeted for this translation.
  • The convenience of the content to be translated is also a high priority for the translators. The professional translator will definitely analyze whether or whether not to translate the particular content or add an explanatory comment will suffice. Power of persuasion is highly relatable here as many investors are still in dilemma whether they want to invest or not, so being creative and convenient is, therefore, truly vital to attract business.
  • SEO optimization for high-quality organic search traffic online is recommended for any translated content to make sure the content reaches the interested groups looking for cryptocurrency and blockchain content.
  • Last but not the least, your expertise as a content translator includes ensuring grammar, voice, and being sensitive to the cultural and religious nuances of the language. Also ensure that your content is proofread, grammatically error-free, and edited to the point.


As a professional translator, you should be aware of different sources of content that require translation and the levels of translation each demands. Many translation services offer ICO and pre-ICO documentation, white papers, websites on crypto and blockchain, smart contacts, trading platforms, and financial reports. Among them, two mostly translated content sources are discussed below:


White paper translation: it is a technical and highly structured report that provides information about the company’s background, technical model, methods also their credentials as a cryptocurrency company. A White paper includes technical terms and visuals like diagrams and modeling, therefore, translating even micro-terms may be needed to explain the whole content accurately. Translators must need to be efficient in dealing with a wide range of technical sectors related to crypto and blockchain to have errors avoided with more literal or suitable translations ensuring the terminology specific to the field. Culturally appropriate images, gestures, colors, and icons should be studied and used otherwise might be considered offensive to the natives.


Website translation: The website on cryptocurrency and blockchain technology content is highly expected to be a multi-lingual website as well as localized. Besides the manual, installed translation proxy technology also helps to show a translated version of the website on top of the original page. Users can have a look at both pages depending on his/her need. A Glossary set up of common words will also help the users to find out the familiar meaning.




  • What is the most important skill for a content translator?

A: Be persuasive enough to pull together a fun yet informative and simple reading in simple words. And, adequate technical knowledge about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology and a rich vocabulary for localized content.


  • What is good translated content in the realm of crypto and blockchain?

A: A good translation will create catchy and super clear content that will help the companies to connect with the key investors by engaging with them in a familiar communication channel without making them feel alienated or ignorant of this blockchain industry.


A: Keywords definitely vary in different languages. SEO optimization particularly for website translation will assist in winning over more audiences who use keywords to limit their search engine use for the information on this topic.


Given the whole scenario above, if you know how to translate cryptocurrency and blockchain content effectively and efficiently, nothing better will work faster than your translated content to hook in new investors and prompt them to buy in.

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