Why translation is important for your marketing content?

Why translation is important for your marketing content

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With the increase of competitors in every sector, marketing has become an essential part of any business. Nowadays, it is safe to say that proper marketing can make or break a venture. It is the very first communication medium between the customer and the provider.


While it has many benefits, the primary purpose of marketing is to reach the target consumers and let them know about the product. This is where the need for translation comes into play. Why translation is important for your marketing content can easily be explained by some simple reasons.


With an increasingly digital market for every product, the target consumers worldwide speak different languages. Plus, stats show that a relatively small percentage of internet users are native English speakers. Localizing your business by translating your marketing content expands the consumer pool. Reputable companies today are investing in translation and getting an increase in returns. This is why translation is important for your marketing content.


The translation is going to represent your brand to consumers, so expert translators from services likedesource translation can help you do it right. Furthermore, they will give your content a unique flavor to stand out from the rest. You might need even more details to consider translating your marketing content. So here’s a comprehensive discussion on how it can give you a competitive edge in the market.


Expand Customer Base


Why limit your customer base to speakers of only one language? It becomes that much easier to connect with a wider range of consumers after translating your marketing content into different languages. More people will know your brand and feel comfortable browsing through your content. According to some, you can hardly beat the comfort of looking through the desired product in one’s native language.


Reach New Consumers On New Platforms


These days, social media platforms are abundant. To add to that, some countries have their own social apps for their people. Marketing your product on social media has proven time and time again to bring in a huge audience. Now if you can get this benefit from marketing on Instagram in English, imagine the result of marketing in Chinese with some suitably translated content on Weibo.



Boost Your Sales


With a wider range of potential customers comes a larger number of sales. Needless to say, opening yourself up to a large number of new consumers will naturally boost your sales. Additionally, stats show that generally, an increase in the number of repeat customers is to be expected after implementing translation and localization of marketing content.


Compete In Under-served Markets


If you were to look at any successful global business, it quickly becomes clear that in most cases, barely half of the target audience are native English speakers. The rest of the market is highly under-served in almost every sector in terms of localized content. Considering how easy and cost-effective content translation has become in recent years, many businesses are yet to take this step and reach out to a large part of the market.


Localizing your business by translating your marketing content at the moment can give you an edge over your competitors in that market. It is doubly true for lesser spoken languages, as businesses tend to only focus on the Top 3 spoken languages.


Set Your Brand Apart


Every language has its own knacks and twists that make it seem personal to a native speaker. A well-done translation can make use of these points and transform general content into a personalized experience in the translated language. Though quick translation tools are easy to use, it lacks that human touch that will hold the audience’s attention.


Translation service providers like desource translation can help localize your marketing content, and make it distinctive even among other translated content from your competitors. It may be a subtle change from quick tools, but the difference in customer satisfaction will surprise you.


Multilingual approach to SEO


It may be common practice to browse in English, but when it comes to making a purchase decision, a high percentage of people are said to prefer a personalized experience. Among them, most refuse to shop from an English-only site. For some, a provider who seemingly communicates in their native language is more trustworthy. On top of that, some customers only ever search for their desired product in their native language.


In such cases, Search Engine Optimization will give priority to a translated marketing page. It can highly increase your website traffic for relatively little cost.


Why Rely Ondesource translation


More and more businesses are now realizing how translation can increase returns. As a result, it is no longer just enough to translate, rather marketing contents must be translated well. A quick translation tool can do a good enough job in translating content. But a properly done translation by a translation service provider can make it seem like the translated content is directly written to the native target audience.


Desource translation prides itself on understanding your brand and your goal before translating your content. They strive to provide the best quality translation that showcases the uniqueness of your brand while speaking to the native audience. The personal touches are not only worth your investment, but also set your business apart from everyone else.




Business-wise, it is the correct step to consider translating your marketing content into multiple languages. The expansion in potential consumers alone is worth the expense. As such, my advice is to carefully consider your options and choose a translation service provider rather than a quick translation tool. The slightly larger investment is bound to pay off more.  

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