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Apps – whether mobile, online, or desktop – are becoming an essential part of daily life. Whether you order meals, buy an airline ticket, or pay bills, dozens of applications help people and companies alike. Get app translation services by Desource translation to speed up translations, eliminate errors, and ultimately reduces the cost of translation.

In an increasingly digital age, your audience is not only much larger than ever, but you also can reach billions of people across the globe at your fingertips.

  • Anyone with the proper app localization and translation service can alter the world.
  • With app translation, you may tap into a worldwide market in as many diverse ways.
  • Change as many lives as you can for the better with Desource Translation.
App Localization Services

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What does App Translation Services look like?

According to Statista, applications like Google, Facebook, and WhatsApp garnered more than 130 million downloads each month in 2017 alone. These applications are so built into the everyday routines of people that many cannot operate without them.

With our translation, you may reach out to all people and companies with localization and translation services through your mobile app, enabling you to increase the number of users that can download and use your app.

What We Do?

  • App translation translates into a local language in the target market that focuses on transforming communication materials.
  • We translate shop descriptions, user interface messages, and in-app purchasing goods.
  • The translation is merely transferring information from one language to another.
  • You may take things by recording the tone and purpose of the initial message and searching for app location services.
  • Anything from the cultural standards of the target market and the regional words to its religious practices must also be taken into account when locating material to help you connect with your consumers at a deeper level.

What kinds of applications do we support?

From a software development perspective, we support three major kinds of applications on the market for translation: native apps, hybrid, and online web apps.

Native applications

Native apps are software programs for a specific platform or device. Written in the device-specific programming language intended to be deployed, these app kinds may utilize the functions and applications present on the platform.

Hybrid applications
Combinations of native and web apps are called hybrid applications. This software is built using HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript and is wrapped with native characteristics.

Online Web Apps
Web-based apps need a functioning web browser. Developed utilizing server scripts to store and retrieve information and client page scripts, the Web app may be as basic as a Web form or as complex as a mobile game app.

Due to the growth in mobile technology, web apps may easily be operated by anybody with an Internet connection.

Why does App Translation Matter?

Companies who want to grow into worldwide markets must convert their applications into the target local language. Here’s the logic:

  • Many individuals can speak and understand English.
  • However, millions of people do not understand English well enough to make an acquisition choice.
  • This implies that you have the opportunity to reach new markets more effectively by translating and locating your app for your company and application.

Tap New Markets
The correct localization management solution, website location tool, or application localization tool can help you reach more consumers worldwide. With relatively little investment, this will enhance your market share.

Just think about Airbnb!

  • The business that started in its flat is now in more than 190 countries worldwide.
  • The company grew from $0 in value to approximately $40 billion now via efficient software translation and localization management.

Sales boost
It is not inexpensive to translate your content, particularly when engaging in a professional localization management solution. The location should never be considered a cost but rather an investment.

  • As your market share grows significantly with each nation you enter, your income streams expand.
  • We can provide NO one-size-fits-all ROI model for any business.
  • However, we are aware that Fortune 500 businesses investing in localization report increased revenues.

Improve ROI
In the cutting-edge business environment, you are likely to operate in a competitive market. The website and app location is the easiest and most efficient methods to obtain a competitive edge.

  • Do you remember that 60% of the customers never purchase a website in English?
  • If your website is translated to suit local preferences, you will still be miles ahead of your competitors to impose English on Spanish-speaking customers.

Application Translation Service Benefits for Ongoing Project

Companies of all sizes may now engage an application translation firm to enter new markets. This has been made feasible by breakthroughs in translation project management.

Now the bank is not going to break an app translation services. You may save a lot of money in search of expert services and expect excellent quality translated material.

Simplify Project Operations
The correct application translation solution allows big developers and translators to simplify their processes considerably. Eliminating manual chores simplifies and simplifies the whole translation process.

  • Translators now don’t need to manually extract code from the copy and perform the entire thing in the other direction once the translation has been completed.
  • A service for application translation speeds up regionalization, allowing time for more developers across the globe to work on new applications.

Easier Content Management
A translation service may help many systems like your content management and e-commerce channels, enabling large development teams, translators, and product managers to operate from the same interface.

With powerful functionality and many integrations, language versions, the project progress, translation orders, prices, and much more can be easily tracked.

Efficient project management centralization
Everyone works on the same page when you have all files, pictures, translation strings, and instructions in one place on the translation management system.

This makes project management efficient and enables top management and even customers to see the entire project status at all times. All is arranged and centralized, and there are no critical files on an employee’s personal computer.

FAQs: App Translation

What is app translation?

App translation is the process of using an app to translate different languages with another language. English is the only thing on this planet that’s never been able to kind of get its act together long enough for it to be considered a true international language. However, app translation is changing this for good.

What is the benefit of app translation?

Most of us are busy people living fast paced lives, but it pays to have access to the right tools when relevant. It was recently shown that mobile phone users prefer mobile applications which have been translated into their native languages. In fact, a user will be willing to pay up to 34% more for an app in their own language. This means if you’re reading this in English and you work for a global company then localizing your app makes good financial sense or any kind of customer service for that matter-especially if there’s not ubiquitous distribution of electricity and wifi around the world.

Who uses app translation?

The one case where I’ve seen people using app translation is when they only speak one language. App translation is often a good solution for those who don’t speak the language of the person they’re talking to. It can sometimes be difficult to carry on conversation if you’re not comfortable with the language, and this leads to problems such as miscommunication or total silence. It’s great for making friends internationally and it makes sure nobody ever has an excuse for bad communication skills again.

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