Marketing Translation Services

Engage International Clients with The Best Marketing Translation Services

We make our customers reach international audiences with fluent and culturally relevant Marcom translations that provide the best multilingual marketing message worldwide. Desource offers the most acceptable marketing translation service in Chinese, Spanish, French, German, and 60 more languages. All marketing materials such as:

Marketing Translation Services

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  • Brochures
  • News releases
  • Email campaigns
  • Digital content
  • Websites
  • And presentations are possibly translated.

Marketing Translation Services in Context Done Right!

Do you want to translate your communication materials between English and Spanish, English and German, or English and Chinese with the quality and speed you need? Then look at Desource.

  • We offer top-class translation services for brochures, sales sheets, press releases, advertising, websites, films, and digital media in over 60 languages.
  • Our team has the language resources and top-class procedures to produce marketing translations that are linguistically competent and culturally engaging.
  • Your brand voice will be clear, consistent, and convincing in every language.
  • Not only does poorly translated marketing material damage your brand reputation, but it also leads to the loss of foreign commercial prospects.
  • We assist top global businesses to achieve multilingual marketing performance in all languages.
  • One marketing document is appropriately translated at a time.

Desource offers an extensive staff of skilled trainers and creative writers in Europe, Asia, and Latin America. You have spent considerable time creating brand messages and marketing communications. The last thing you want is to deal with an ordinary translation firm to translate your brand messaging into other languages with poor quality. Desource’s professional marketing translators can produce highly creative translations to accelerate worldwide success, regardless of whether you need to translate:

  • Advertising campaign
  • Business identity
  • Merchandise brochures
  • Internet marketing promotions
  • Public relations
  • Social media videos

In combination with creative writing, our unique marketing translators get you the most acceptable marketing translation outcomes.

We Support any Format of Marketing Translations

Desource offers the following marketing and brand promotional items with Professional Business and Marketing Translation Services

  • Brochure, pamphlet & translation sales sheet
  • Translation of PR campaigns
  • Advertising for printing, internet, radio, and TV
  • Translations of the press release
  • Localization of social marketing
  • Translations of email and newsletter
  • Films and youtube clip translation for marketing
  • Translation and location of the website
  • Translations of Global SEO
  • Translation of multilingual survey

Localization meets Multi-Channel Marketing

Corporate Marketing Executives are using multi-channel marketing increasingly to get customers to improve conversion rates and drive worldwide expansion on all their preferred content channels and devices.

  • Conventional marketing translation services relying on manual, static, and slow-moving procedures to translate marketing contents are no longer adequate to fulfill the requirements of marketing locations on demand, always on-demand, agile and multi-channel.
  • Desource is a leading provider of multi-channel Translation solutions for all digital networks and devices, including web, apps, emails, social media, texts, videos, TV, radio, and location.
  • Our multi-channel advertising translation solution offers both drag-and-drop and API-enabled processes for high quality and scalability multilingual marketing communications.
  • We help our companies provide the best global brand experience by providing their consumers with professional advertising messages across all digital platforms and devices globally.

Multilingual campaigns for B2B marketing

Are you creating B2B marketing strategies to promote worldwide business-to-business growth?

  • Studies have shown that one of the main criteria for effective B2B advertising campaigns is to precisely identify its unique sales points.
  • Then, you have to make convincing creative messaging to engage its customers.
  • If they stay in English or are inadequately translated, your advertising messages cannot convince foreign consumers.
  • This is where Desource is needed. We provide innovative and outstanding translation services in all European, Asian, and Latin American languages, so your B2B marketing efforts will play a significant role for foreign customers.
  • The contemporary online translation platform by Desource enables you to centrally manage the whole B2B marketing campaign translation lifecycle in the cloud.

Better Translation Management with Desource

Steps can connect document management and automation systems with various third parties, such as Marketo, Salesforce Sales Cloud, and others.

  • With an online translation administration system that covers all advertising channels, Desource can locate quality, efficiency and grow your enterprise-wide marketing material.
  • Desource enables the multilingual administration and search of marketing documents and the provision of end-to-end marketing language translation that accelerates worldwide company growth across all languages.

Transcreation in Marketing Materials (transcreation is not a typo, it is a kw)

High-quality commercial translation services generate language and cultural feelings from foreign consumers, enticing them to the business. Translations of verbal or word-for-word frequently fail to convey punch in languages, making the marketing message less successful. That is why in recent years, professional transcreation services have increased. Transcreation means the process of two phases: translation followed by creative writing to match the cultural and linguistic taste of the local audience. Click here to discover more about Desource professional transcreation solutions.

Improved Global SEO Digital Marketing with Right Translation

In today’s digital industry, companies must create marketing material that supports a consistent worldwide brand voice. We guarantee that major search engines’ marketing keywords and phrases are rated high in the target languages. Desource has created a complete spectrum of quality standards and solutions for improved search engine optimization in digital translation. The fact that you searched Google tells us about our expertise and experience in developing the best marketing content for top-quality SEO performance. Just give us your SEO translation quotation in English and be surprised how Desource can improve your sales figures in any language you choose.

Video Game Consoles translation

Do you create and translate your video games in Chinese, Spanish, Korean, and other languages for consoles like Microsoft Xbox, Nintendo Shuttle, or Sony PlayStation? Then Welcome to Desource.

  • For all games console brands, we offer high-quality, end-to-end translation services without sacrificing speed and efficiency.
  • Just give us your game titles and select the target languages.
  • We will provide you with a 24-hour translation quotation.
  • Desource also offers localization and Quality tests of translated gaming products, in addition to translation and subtitling. Our team enables our customers to translate games and their video game websites into foreign consumers to promote their games.

Marketing Video Translation Done Right!

Videos are becoming the option for business marketing since the Millennia, Generation X, and Generation Z populations are more used to viewing video on their computers and other devices than to reading and selling marketing pamphlets.

Collateral DTP Marketing Services

In addition to producing convincing brand messaging, businesses spend considerable time creating marketing brochures, sales sheets, and excellent layout and presentation catalogs in graphic design.

  • That’s why you need the multilingual Desktop Publishing (DTP) solution from Desource.
  • We deal with products like InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Acrobat, Adobe Creative Suite and other DTP programs such as PowerPoint, QuarkXPress, Corel Publisher, etc.
  • Our skilled desktop publishers provide excellent marketing material in all foreign languages with visual art, font styles, text-centric, leading texts and international typesetting standards.

FAQs: Marketing Translation

What is a Marketing Translation Services?

Whether that be your website, social media, emails, or hard-copy materials, marketing translation involves the translation of some or all of your marketing content to appeal to your target audience.

What is the requirement of translating the marketing and advertisement text?

The main point is to make sure that the target text is what it is intended to be. Before the translation begins, the source text needs to be reviewed to see if the ideas and metaphors will be accepted in the target language and for the targeted audience.

How do you translate marketing content?

At first, you have to consider who your audience is and then be selective with your translation team. Provide reference materials for your translators and create a glossary and style guide for translation. Perform a cultural assessment and finally consider transcreation.

In Addition to Marketing Translation Services, We Offer:


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