Technical Translation Services

Desource Translation offers linguistically skilled and technically correct translations in over 600 languages. Buy technical translation Service because we have the resources, procedures, and technological solutions to provide quick and efficient technical translation services that are superior to our competitors.

These technical documents are supported

We support a range of documents and content that need the assistance of professional technical translation services. We translate the following frequently.

Technical Translation Services

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  • User handbooks
  • Instructional materials.
  • Training materials on technical issues
  • Patent document
  • Installation guidelines.
  • How to guides
  • Technical documentation
  • Software assistance is available
  • Relationship agreements
  • Data files
  • Item catalogs

How Does It Work?

Desource Translation’s web platform has streamlined our expert technical translation services.

  1. Please submit your product manuals to our translation site.
  2. Select target languages and a translation quotation will be generated for your inspection and approval from Desource Translation.
  3. Once you are confirmed, our pre-approved translators with relevant expertise in the subject area will be called in to begin working on your translation immediately.
  4. All the papers may be accessed with the press of a button after they are done being translated.

Dependable Technical Translation Services

Are you in need of a professional, energetic and dependable language services business to quickly and accurately translate your Technical Documentation? Then you will not need to search any farther than Desource Translation.

  • We are the world’s premier on-demand technical translation provider, delivering fast, quality services to aid the top corporations in their worldwide success.
  • We provide linguistic correctness and technical precision in our product manuals and technical papers translations.
  • Desource Translation offers a staff of the most skilled native translators and experts in the technical and scientific areas, all of whom are dedicated to ensuring that our customers get the best quality linguistic service.
  • Desource Translation’s next-generation translation management system (TM) uses translation memory, online vocabulary, and real-time linguistic review services to assist our technical translators in translating your documents with consistency and speed.
  • Our technical translation services are consistent and of high quality.

Today, we need remarkable linguistic talents, complex localization procedures, and more and more AI-enabled language solutions that use the strengths of both humans and machines.

Desource Translation has developed a new translation ecosystem that:

  • Cuts out human error spots
  • Offers more cost-effective and efficient solutions to address our clients’ evolving translation needs. For instance,

Using translation memory helps avoid repetition of the same phrases in translation, which in turn results in lower costs and better consistency in terms of language. We use the same time to verify term translations across languages with our professionals. The innovative in-context review system from Desource Translation makes it easy for translators to check translated material in the context in real-time, thereby dramatically improving the return on investment in technical translation.

Engineering Products Translation

It is necessary to use extensive technical documentation to correctly understand or manage complex engineering products, including design requirements, system architecture and product functionalities. The technical papers associated with these goods must be adequately translated from English into German, Chinese, Japanese, or Spanish for world wide deployment. Thus, you require our translation service.

  • We offer extensive technical translation services in over 60 languages for various engineering areas.
  • We hire only local experts with deep subject matter knowledge to translate our client’s technical documentation.
  • We ensure that all information is translated accurately and consistently.

Technical Translation Services for Automotive Manufacturing

Because owner’s manuals, service instructions and warranty packages for cars are essential for a positive customer experience and driver safety, automotive manufacturers must make sure they are correctly translated.

  • Several car manufacturers have confidence in Desource Translation for Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, and other European and Asian language technical translation services.
  • Our technical translation services are designed to increase consistency, reduce the risk of error, and speed up the process of automobile localization with the help of translation memory and terminology management.

While software development has to have good documentation, it is regrettable and essential. It is difficult for consumers to understand what features are available or utilize the program without them. Many document types, from standalone PDFs to online help, tooltips and video are used in modern software documentation.

  • Since user interface strings are crucial to the functionality of the software and related documents, translating these papers must be done with particular care.
  • Screen captures of localized software also need to be done for inclusion in the documentation.
  • For software programs such as ERP, CRM, e-commerce, and mobile apps, Desource Translation provides professional technical translation services.

In the medical disciplines such as pharmaceutics, medical devices and biotechnology, the production of a massive quantity of technical papers such as

  • IFUs,
  • Clinical studies,
  • Regulatory filings,
  • And medical patents.

—is essential for success, and all of these documents must be translated for worldwide usage. Leading businesses in the medical sector rely on Desource Translation for excellent technical translation services. Our medical translators have the highest level of training for translating technical terminology specific to the life sciences. They have one of the biggest teams in the industry.

Translation Services for Patents

To offer technical translations for patents in several languages, Desource Translation employs translators for English to Simplified Chinese, Korean, Japanese, German and all other Asian and European languages.

  • Our company has the technical tools and resources to translate patents in many engineering, medicinal and technological fields.
  • The newest document management systems are relied on by modern patent translations to enhance uniformity and scalability.
  • If your patent translation service uses traditional offline methods, you will likely waste both time and money.

So, Are You looking for speedy and Accurate technical translation assistance?

Then look no further, our technical translation services possess the following benefits:

  • Technical translation of certified quality
  • Speedy project completion
  • No other platform matches our translation scale
  • Service that is better because of being more efficient
  • Skilled project managers and project leaders
  • Support for all content distribution channels

FAQs: Technical Translation Services

Why technical translation services is important?

Technical translation is the process of converting technical texts written in one language into another language. This type of work can be highly complex, and requires a high level of specialized knowledge in both the subject matter and in the two languages involved. The translator needs to accurately convey important information in an easy-to-understand manner so that the reader will comprehend it in the same way as the original writer.

What is general translation?

General translation means the translation of non-specialized texts that have no terminological or technical worries. The language used must also be obvious and natural, without technical terms.

What is the main purpose of technical translation?

Several texts qualify for technical translation. They include scientific, engineering, medical and technical journals, for example. The translator’s foremost goal is to accurately translate the technical terminology to meet the document and the message of the original content.

Contact us now to discuss your project and together, we will determine the best course of action, so that your project is completed as accurately and efficiently as humanly possible.

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