Legal Translation services

Legal Translation Services in More Than 60 Languages

Our carefully chosen team of expert translators comprehend the language of legal systems and the legal translation services worldwide.

Connect with a competent legal translation who speaks the language that you are targeting.

We provide a complete range of legal translation services, including:

  • Translations of legal documents
  • Translation of Court
  • Guaranteed translations approved by USCIS
  • University or high school compliance requirements
  • Mirror image, contract translations legally binding
  • Translations of civil lawsuits
  • Professional translations for all legal court documents
  • Affidavits translation


Legal translation services

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Desource Legal Translation Services for legal firms worldwide

Whether you are dealing with international instances of immigration, need courts, or extend your company to the modern world with new legal standards, we have covered you.

Get quick, precise legal translations from a team of specialists in legal translation!

What are some examples?

Several types of documents require this type of service: legal papers, medical records, academic qualifications and certificates, and even business contracts.

  • Legal translation is a difficult job
  • The judicial systems vary considerably across countries.
  • To ensure that all criteria of this system are fulfilled meticulously, a legal translator must have detailed information on the complex intricacies of the legal system.

We offer legal translation services by legal professionals. We work together with a legal translator who is a part of our broad network of language professionals:

Desource Legal Translation Program offers consistency and simplicity of use.

It connects you with expert linguists specializing in your area of law and allows you to access the rarest languages easily.

  • Build a connection with your most popular language translators.
  • The ability to access the exact translation provides uniformity across all documents.
  • This is particularly important when it comes to translations when several words may have the same significance.
  • By maintaining a consistent translation, the translator learns your preferences in language and formatting and builds consistency across your work.

With our Desource Translation website, we also link you in quick time with the most uncommon languages. When a customer speaks a language that he has not yet handled, we offer a competent translation for the language within a few hours of your request.

We aim to maintain accessible communication. You don’t need to spend time searching for the most acceptable legal translator for your particular situation using our legal translation service.

We’re dealing with everything for you. And we’re going to accomplish it quicker than any other professional translation business you discover.

As legislation differs across nations, legal materials must be appropriately adapted to prevent proceedings when negotiating terms and transferring legal papers. Translations of legal documents must be professional and describing the rights and responsibilities of the parties concerned correctly.

Avoid Misunderstanding

The legal translation service should not only be proficient in all languages involved for effective legal translations but should also comprehend legal terminology carefully to prevent a minor misunderstanding.

As a renowned translation business, we guarantee you the precise and efficient handling of all your papers.

We carefully translate all your legal documents into detail, ensuring that the translations are 100% source accurate and satisfy the criteria of the relevant legal system.

Work with Quality Translators

We offer quality legal translations and legal translation for affidavits for any document, including birth certificates, driver’s licenses, and passports.

It is essential that a trusted, established legal translation business be selected with first-class expertise, guaranteed qualification, USCIS approval, and significant legal terminology knowledge. That’s precisely what we are. Trust us with your quality translations of legal documents and ensure every time your legal translations are 100% correct.

How does it work?

  1. First, you must submit quality translations for papers translated for high school transfers, university applications, or immigration acceptance.
  2. Our licensed expert lawyers handle all your legal translations using a rigorous 5-stage quality control procedure to ensure 100% accuracy and compliance with all relevant legal standards.
  3. We will then complement your translation free of charge with a high accuracy certificate. Furthermore, we will supply you with a translation affidavit upon request.
  4. All our translations will be supported by a lifetime warranty. This implies that if translations do not satisfy all school, university, or government standards for whatever reason, we will adapt them until they are correct.

All legal documents are translatable, including:

  • Passports
  • Documents of adoption
  • Documentation of legal name change
  • Licenses for drivers
  • Certificates of birth
  • Certificates of marriage
  • Academic and diploma transcripts
  • Medical data

Court Translation

The US Federal Judiciary lists around 120 languages that its courts utilize frequently. This does not contain the sometimes requested esoteric languages, for example:

  • Wayuu – a tribal language in Colombia
  • K’iche’ – A Mayan language of Guatemala
  • Igbo — Ibo people’s native language in south-east Nigeria

A competent, qualified court translator has to be supplied to guarantee that every individual has the right to a fair trial. Maintain justice. Maintain justice. Use our professional language network.

We provide services for judicial translation in any language. We offer qualified court translators who are native to the different tongues of the defendant or witnesses for trials, preliminary procedures, and even the preparation of witnesses.

Our court translators are accessible immediately or personally over the telephone within 24 hours of your request. Connect today with a court translator.

Affidavits Translation

For all your papers, we can offer quality translation services with a translation affidavit. These certificates for document translation contain:

  • authorized representative’s name
  • The certifications and accreditations of our business
  • Translation details itself
  • Official notary seal and notary public signature or oath commissioner;

Legal systems abound in rules and regulations, requiring the understanding of expertise. Our professional staff is accessible 24/7 to help you if you have concerns about your legal translation requirements.

Connect with a specialist in legal translator today!

FAQs: Legal Translation

Why is legal translation important?

People’s rights can be affected by a document that is not properly translated. Law firms have a responsibility to make sure that the result is the same as the original. Business and legal practices of the country are what the translation team needs to be familiar with.

Can legal documents be translated?

It is generally accepted that any legal documents must be certified in order to be accepted as true and unquestionable, even though documents can be translated by a friend or relative. A simple transfer to the translator can be accomplished by gathering them in one package.

Can I translate official documents?

An official translation certificate is a legally valid translation of a document to be delivered to an authority or institution in the US. The official translation usually has a stamp on it and is accompanied by a certification or a statement by the translator.

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